A Reiki Story

People seek Reiki healing for many reasons. Stress is perhaps the most often-cited cause. Frequent complaints include neck, shoulder, back, and knee pain. Headaches are common. Anxiety and depression are prevalent. Clarity and life purpose have become blurred. There is no single ailment. Every person has their own story. And each story provokes different reactions on the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels of the storyteller.

As a Reiki Master, I hear many different stories. Stories about the impact on the lives of the clients who come to see me. The toll that has been taken is sometimes apparent with just one glance. In other instances it is buried deep within – not visible to the human eye. But it is there. Visible or not, every story deserves to be heard and every ailment deserves to be healed.

Client reaction during a Reiki healing is as unique as the story with which they arrive. Some enter a meditative state. Others see colors and images. Quite a few become deeply relaxed and fall asleep during the session. Occasionally a client will tell me that they became so light and energized they felt they were floating. (I was there and can assure them they didn’t actually levitate off the table.) Sometimes the experience is of a spiritual nature, relayed to me post-session with amazement and awe in the voice of the storyteller.

It is common for physical aches and pains to leave the body, for emotional distress to be soothed, for the mind to quiet, and the spirit to be lifted. In other ways the results are as diverse as the stories. Insights are found. Long held grief may disappear, as was the case when a client – whose child was lost far too soon – felt the child give a reassuring squeeze of their hand while communicating that they were all right. Energy levels increase, restoring a zest for life. Connection to spirit is deepened, as for the young person who came seeking healing only on the physical level, but who left with a feeling of profound peace and inspired to seek a deeper meaning of life.

Reiki has brought healing to my life and the lives of many. The stories are deeply inspirational and extremely empowering. What’s your story?