How do you take your Reiki?

Have you ever experienced an energy surge? Maybe you’ve seen it when the lights flicker, or you see a downed wire sparking on the ground. Perhaps you’ve heard the boom when a nearby transformer is struck. It’s possible that you’ve felt the hairs on your arms stand up from the electricity of a lightning strike. These are extreme examples of energy’s power. Reiki is another form of energy, far less intense but just as powerful in its own way.

Reiki is universal life energy. A Reiki Practitioner accesses and channels the universal energy for the purpose of healing. Energy flows through the Practitioner to and from the client. What happens then? Areas of the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies that are depleted of energy receive replenishment; excess energy trapped in these four areas that is no longer serving a greater purpose gets released; energetic blockages are cleared and flow improves; balance to the chakras and throughout the aura is restored. What does this mean? Healing, as tension and anxiety dissipate; aches and pains dissolve; the mind calms; emotional burdens ease; balance and harmony are restored.

Many of my clients come see me in person for their Reiki session. There are many reasons why this is their preference. The room in which I work is very soothing, and the quiet music, muted lighting and calming décor invite immediate relaxation. The table on which the client lies – supportive yet comfortable -- is covered with a soft sheet, and can be heated during colder weather if the client wishes. It can be a very Zen experience before the Reiki even begins. There’s connection through touch -- since a session involves hands placed lightly on the body except in rare instances of client preference -- as well as via conversation both before and after the session.

On the other hand, not everyone is able to see me in person. There are many reasons why this is true. Clients may not live in the immediate area. They may have physical impairments that prevent them from traversing the two flights of stairs necessary to reach my healing space. Individuals with conditions such as ADHD (attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder) or ASD (autism spectrum disorder) may find it impossible to be still for an hour. Finding time in an already overloaded schedule may be a deterrent. These are perfect examples of why people schedule Reiki from Afar distance sessions for themselves – or for someone they love.

As mentioned earlier, Reiki is Universal Life Energy. You also are energy. I am energy. Everything is energy. And all energy is connected. This connection makes it possible to share Reiki with someone directly in front of you … or sleeping on the other side of the world. Time, space, and distance are irrelevant. Connection is all that matters.

How does a Reiki from Afar session differ from an in-person session? The obvious is that the client isn’t in the room with me. They may have chosen to sit or lie quietly for the scheduled hour, or they may opt to move about performing their usual tasks. In some instances, a recipient isn’t even aware that they’re receiving Reiki, which occurs when the session is scheduled for them by a loved one. As a reiki master, I will always use the energy ethically and for the highest good of every client, which means that scheduling a session for someone you care about is completely honorable and permissible. Regardless of who the client is, a Reiki from Afar session begins when I make the connection with the client’s energy. Once the connection has been established, I always seek permission to proceed. To my query of “Will you accept this Reiki healing being sent for your greatest good?” I’ve received responses ranging from “Yes, with caution” to “ABSOLUTELY!” Permission comes from the client’s Higher Self or Guardian Angel, and has been granted in 100% of my distance sessions.

Lacking a physical body to work on, I find it beneficial to use a surrogate, and have a 28” tall teddy bear who serves this purpose. Placing my hands on the bear’s body is, energetically speaking, the same as placing my hands on the body of a client. I can feel the same sensations of release, replenishment, unblocking, opening, and balancing. Messages sometime come through from Spirit and Beings from Beyond, just as they do when a client is present in the room. And the client – whether aware of the session or not – receives *all* the same benefits that I mentioned earlier.

In person or at a distance, Reiki is a powerful healing energy suitable for everyone. Give yourself or someone you love the gift of Reiki.