Lessons from the Labyrinth

When I walk the labyrinth I don’t consciously think about anything. I quiet my mind as much as possible, and simply put one foot in front of the other. In the quiet, I frequently find inspiration. I hope that others may find inspiration in my words.

Lesson #1.
“It feels as though life is full of twists and turns, but in reality they are very smooth, easy transitions. The path is already laid out in front of me. All I need to do is follow it. Think about only the current step — the current moment. Not looking forward. The end is already predetermined.”

Lesson #2.
“There are external events. There are people. They’re important, and they impact your life. But *your* journey is *your* journey. Look inside. Find yourself. Don’t let all of those external things influence you in ways that cause you to leave your true path.”

Lesson #3.
“The transitions are of the utmost importance. Don’t hurry though them. Take your time. Appreciate the change in direction. Notice everything about it, and then move forward.”

Lesson #4.
“Portions of the journey will be in light. You’ll be well aware of every step and everything that’s happening, comforted in the warmth of the light guiding your way. At other times the path will be in shadow. This too is fine. Appreciate the shadows. You need the shadows in order to emerge back into the light.”

Lesson #5.
“You will sometimes feel a little unsteady — a little wobbly. That’s fine. Just pause. Appreciate that moment. Let yourself ground again. Then, and only then, move forward.”

Embrace the Journey.