Men and Holistic Healing

Why do men have such a different attitude than women about holistic healing? This question doesn’t apply to every male on the planet. Of course it doesn’t. There are men who are open to holistic, complementary, alternative modalities. In my experience, however, they are few and far between.

I am a healer, with a focus is on Reiki, Hypnosis, and Past-Life Regression. It was obvious that more women than men sought out my services, but it wasn’t until I began analyzing client data that I realized the full extent of the disparity. The result of the analysis? Females account for approximately 90% of my clients. That was a percentage far beyond what I would have estimated. Only 1 in 10 clients was male! And so I was left to wonder … why? What causes such a chasm?

One reason could be something as mundane as a wish to see a male rather than a female healer. For instance, those less familiar with Reiki – an ancient Japanese hands-on healing technique that uses life force energy to heal the whole body by balancing the subtle energies -- may not realize that they remain fully clothed for a session. It’s therefore possible that gender preference plays a part in who chooses to see me, with the male population choosing a business offering a male healer for this modality.

A second possibility germinates from John Gray’s Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus. From the section entitled "Men Go to Their Caves and Women Talk": “Men like to demonstrate their abilities by being allowed to solve problems without interference.” I know numerous men who procrastinate as long as possible before going to a doctor. It’s certainly within the realm of possibility that some men don’t seek complimentary treatment for the same reason they don’t seek traditional Western treatment. They view their stress, their grief, their aches and pains, etc. as something to be dealt with and resolved on their own.

In the book Archetypes: A beginner’s guide to your inner-net, author Caroline Myss says: “Men are as attracted to a search for meaning and purpose as women. Gender has nothing to do with our yearning for a spiritual life.” However, she also notes that “… men peer through the window of anything spiritual – or “woo-woo”, as many like to say …” Woo-woo? Webster defines the term woo-woo as “dubiously or outlandishly mystical, supernatural, or unscientific.” Is it this – the mystical aspect -- that deters men from seeking energy work and hypnosis? Is it disbelief of that which they deem to be unscientific? There’s a reason why a person who is skeptical and refuses to believe something without proof is called a Doubting Thomas – not a Doubting Tina. It’s also synchronistic that shortly after reading the woo-woo quote referenced above, the following review was written about me: “Although guys may think this is kinda a 'woo-woo' experience … you should try the hypnosis and reiki sessions. The experience is relaxing and Donna may also provide some things to think about. She is excellent!” And yes, the review was written by a man.