Come together with like-minded spiritual souls.

I offer a safe space to question, learn, share, experience, and expand your spiritual tribe. Bring your perspectives, experiences, knowledge, and voices, and we'll make these workshops fun and interesting!  

Next up:


Discussion of numerology and how it works. Worksheets will help to calculate *your* numbers. We will look at what those numbers mean for you.

September 16. Registration now open.

Being an Empath: Pros, Cons and Protection

Discuss positive aspects of this gift as well as areas of concern. We'll share methods of protection and acquire more tools to work with.
October 21. Registration opens soon.

​"Letting Go" Hypnosis/Meditation

Stop carrying emotional baggage and negativity. Be guided to deep relaxation & allow your subconscious to release what no longer serves you. You'll be surprised at just how easy it is to let go. Just in time for the holidays!
November 18. Registration opens soon.

Seating is limited, so secure your space now.

"Your workshop was lovely. You go about them so thoughtfully and it shows. Your questions were perfect and got beautiful conversations going. You also create a powerful energy of inclusion and connection."

​"I attended a Hypnosis Group led by Donna. The theme was Letting Go. I was able to relax, breathe, and let go of that which did not serve me."  ​​rea​d more reviews

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