Hypnosis is a state of extreme relaxation during which your subconscious mind is open to receiving helpful, beneficial suggestions to improve your life in any number of ways. Hypnosis can help ordinary, everyday people with ordinary, everyday problems. Clients choose hypnosis to reduce stress and anxiety, overcome fears and phobias, improve eating or exercise habits, manage pain, and so on. Clients also use hypnosis to stop unhealthful habits such as overeating, nail biting, smoking, etc.

As a Certified Hypnotist, I help you modify behaviors and thought patterns to create the life your desire. We will discuss the reason you're seeking hypnosis to ensure that it's the right modality for you. If we agree that hypnosis is appropriate, you will schedule your appointment, submit paperwork that will aid my preparation of your session, and then you'll come see me.

At your first appointment we will discuss what hypnosis is and isn't, talk further about the specific situation you've come for, and I will answer any questions you have about the process. I will help you reach a deep level of relaxation, and then provide beneficial suggestions to help you attain the goals that you have set. 

In subsequent sessions we will discuss the improvements that you have observed, and then progress to deep relaxation and additional beneficial suggestions. For optimal benefit, multiple sessions may be advised.

The three forms below must all be submitted at least 3 business days before your initial hypnosis session.