​"I tried a past life regression and was quite satisfied with my experience. Donna is very welcoming and takes her time explaining everything and going through the whole process. She does not rush anything, giving you the proper attention that you deserve. The overall environment and ambiance was very comforting and soothing. I do have to say though that the experience will be as effective as you make it-make sure you're relaxed and not all over the place with your thoughts. Definitely something worth trying if you want to connect with your soul and possibly break free of some past life vows/ties. We were able to do this in my session and it was a very freeing experience that left me feeling joyful and light towards the end. It also restored my faith in working with the angels with a level of ease (e.g. having them come in to sever cords when I want them to). If you're looking to try this, it's definitely something worth considering as you may emerge with new insights."  - G.D.

"I had the privilege of a past life regression with Donna. It revealed so much of what was hidden deep in my mind, which then allowed me to heal from some of the wounds of my past. I felt comfortable and safe in her care. She is highly recommended on my end."  - T.J.

​"The most amazing experience! I was skeptical but this answered so many questions that have weighed me down for years. I highly recommend this!"  - M.O.

​"I highly recommend a past life regression. It was an insightful and healing experience. I am so glad I did it."  - N.S.

"I had a very significant and positive healing experience doing a past life regression with Donna. She helped me to process and heal from a previous trauma in a past life. Donna was able to combine her past life regression and Reiki training to support me though an intense healing experience. I would highly recommend her for both past life regression and Reiki healing. Her skill set as well as her compassion and support made me feel completely supported, allowing me to process and release my grief. Through this release, I've been able to remove blocks that were holding me back in my present life. Donna aided me in the most intense healing session I've ever had, and I'm forever grateful."  - M.M.