“​In the past year I decided to try some alternative therapies for physical pain and stress management. I had heard of Reiki many years ago, but was unfamiliar with this type of healing art. The notion of energy therapy seemed peculiar; I had no idea of what to expect. If I had any doubts or disbelief about the power of Reiki, they began to dissipate from my very first session. From that first session, I felt multiple points throughout my body release pockets of tension physically—at moments, in unexpected waves of freedom and lightness. At the same time, I felt my mind relax, my thoughts flow without worry or chaos, and a sense of calm and gentleness ease into my being.

What Reiki can offer you—and what Donna personally can provide—is a holistic approach that addresses the core blockages of bodily energy caused by stress, which manifests itself as pain. I cannot recommend Body & Soul Shepherd highly enough. I have begun the journey of healing my mind, body, and spirit through Reiki in an integrated, non-invasive, and healthful manner. It is my sincere wish that anyone reading this step out in faith and allow Donna to work with you, too.”  - R.S.

“Donna has an incredible healing touch. Each time I walk into an appointment I feel as though I am entering a "soul spa". She doesn't have to start working on me before I feel a sense of relief and calm. Her presence alone is very soothing. She spends a lot of time getting to know her clients and is very attuned to their holistic needs. Can't wait for my next  Reiki session. With each one, I get to "peel back the layers of the onion" (aka ME!) and gain a greater understanding of how to achieve total well-being. Thank you, Donna.”  - B.P.

"I recently had Reiki with Donna Dangle for nerve pain related to a hernia operation three years ago, which left me with trouble walking, occasional stabbing pain, and occasional loss of sensation entirely in one leg. I tried acupuncture with no success. I was getting worn out by the pain, but learning to live with it. I was particularly surprised and pleased to find dramatic improvement after one Reiki session with Donna. I immediately noticed that I could move better, support myself on the injured leg, and stretch without pain. It made me realize just how much the pain had sapped my energy. It’s not yet 100%, but it has improved dramatically. When I relax, start again, and consciously walk correctly, I’m light years ahead of where I was.

I had heard that if I could loosen up the muscles enough to get blood flow and therefore oxygen to the nerves, they would improve. I guess that’s exactly what Donna’s Reiki treatment did. It has also improved my overall energy level and my general outlook on life. Donna has serious mojo. I’d vouch for her Reiki abilities any day." 
- S.W.

"My fourth grader with attention and anxiety issues has received Reiki therapy from Donna at Body & Soul Shepherd during the last two months and we are amazed at his progression. My child’s teacher recently remarked how his behavior, attention, and focus at school have improved. Several other people have also commented on how he seems more relaxed and mature, and household conflicts are diminishing. We look forward to our regular sessions with Donna, and enjoy watching our child progress every week. I would highly recommend Donna, who interacts with our family in a very warm yet professional manner, takes detailed notes of each session to monitor changes in energy patterns, and devotes time to speak with us before and after every session for additional feedback." - C.M.

​"Donna is an incredible healer. I've had several Reiki sessions with her and referred numerous friends who were equally taken by the positive effects of her sessions. She is a healer of pain and trauma on all levels and is able to channel insights regarding all aspects of life. Her impact on my life has been indescribable. I am so thankful for her presence. She has provided an incredible amount of light at a very critical and confusing turning point in my life. I eagerly await my next session!" - B.F.

"Donna is a compassionate and highly trained Reiki Master. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for a Reiki practitioner. My energy healing experience has resulted in a strong sense of growth and healing. She also has a great way of explaining the process to her clients. This is a healing for your mind, body and your soul. Try it. Your heart will thank you."  - N.S.

"I came to Donna for a Reiki treatment for emotional release of stress and some physical discomfort as well. The session was very powerful for me, as I believe I was ready for it and Donna met me "where I was", which is the gift of a skilled healer. She moved to the places in my body where I was holding, or blocked, and was able to help me release. I felt cleared out and wonderful after the treatment -- calmer and more relaxed. The atmosphere is comforting, warm and inviting. I would recommend Body & Soul Shepherd without hesitation!"  - P.K.

"The Reiki session was very helpful. My hips and my knee have not hurt since the session. Don't know how you do it, but you're amazing!"  - M.O.

"I had one Reiki session a few months ago and it was a turning point for me. I'm so grateful. Thank you."  - J.S.

​"I had a Reiki treatment with Body & Soul Shepherd to address pain from ongoing lower back issues and general life stress. The session was extremely relaxing and I found it quite therapeutic. Donna is very professional, reviews your specific needs and concerns, lets you know exactly what will happen in the session, and makes you very comfortable. I had not tried Reiki before; it is literally the laying on of hands, and that has much more power and effect than you might expect. I strongly recommend Body & Soul Shepherd." - K.O.

"Donna has been instrumental in helping me along my healing journey with I.E.T. and Reiki. She takes me very seriously and I feel comfortable talking to her about everything. I highly recommend her services to anyone who is interested in seeking deep energetic healing."  - N.F.

"I had my first session with Donna two weeks ago. My experience was wonderful! Donna has a very caring and genuine presence, and the reiki treatment left me feeling very calm and centered. I've been going through a difficult personal situation, but the Reiki treatment has really helped my overall anxiety. I've remained feeling balanced and at peace, despite my current situation. I highly recommend seeing Donna if you are in need of some re-balancing and relaxation!"   - J.M.

"I just wanted to let everyone know about a great experience I had with a kind of health & healing I wasn't familiar with. Reiki, a Japanese holistic healing technique. I had a wonderful treatment with Body & Soul Shepherd. I have chronic back pain and headaches. After the session, my spine was released and my movement free. It was total relaxation for me. I think everyone should try it. Donna is wonderful. Very professional. Very caring."  ​- M.L.

"I was a bit skeptical about Reiki from Afar, but was desperate to help my child.  My child had been an exceptional student but everything went south in college. We tried therapists and medications, but I saw my kid going downward. There was a refusal to return to doctors or to take meds regularly. It was a tug of war. Donna and I  talked, and agreed on a Reiki from Afar session for my child.

The first time Donna sent Reiki from Afar to my child was a Saturday morning. The night before my kid had been in a really bad mood, with voice raised for no reason. It was horrible. We started to call it Fighting Mode. Saturday morning I got Donna’s message that the session was done. The house was unusually peaceful. There are no words to describe it. Now comes the really astonishing part. My kid got up and was so different if was like night and day. Even my husband commented: “what bit that child?” I knew the answer. It was the Reiki.

There have been more Reiki from Afar sessions and without fail, I have seen results for the better. Sometimes they are very subtle and sometimes quite exceptional, but I’m left with no doubt about Reiki from Afar. My kid takes the meds regularly and does meditation as instructed by the new therapist. My child has graduated and is looking forward to getting a job and continuing to study. Reiki from Afar full believer!"  - N.T.