Come together with like-minded spiritual souls. I offer a safe space to question, learn, share, experience, and expand your spiritual tribe. Bring your voices, perspectives, and experiences, and these workshops will be informational, interesting and fun!  

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Crystals come in many varieties. Look at different types (raw, tumbled, polished, etc) and shapes (seeds, stones, wands, eggs, etc) of crystals. We’ll discuss where to purchase and how to care for them. I’ll introduce you to crystals for stress, sleep, grounding, emotional healing, balance, and so on, Find out which resonate as most beneficial for you at this time.

October 21. Registration now open.


"Letting Go" Hypnosis/Meditation

Stop carrying emotional baggage and negativity. Be guided to deep relaxation and allow your subconscious to release what no longer serves you. You'll be surprised at just how easy it is to let go.

November 18. Registration now open.

Just in time for the holidays!

Seating is limited, so secure your space now.